Hanya Yanigahara, You Made Me Cry

April 26, 2017 // 0 Comments

Curled in a deck chair on a beach in France, I dipped my toes into Hanya Yanigahara’s A Little Life, a fictional tale set in New York, which begins in a cramped apartment on Lispenard Street, where Jude and Willem live, during their post college years. Jude, the aspiring lawyer with a multitude of health problems and a history of childhood trauma so brutal he is unable to utter a word to anyone about the first sixteen years of his life, even to Willem, his fiercely loyal best friend, an actor whose star is rapidly rising. The novel follows the lives of Jude, Willem and their friends JB [...]

Amsterdam People Watching

March 28, 2017 // 0 Comments

These photos were taken in Amsterdam. Below, I was in a cafe attempting to understand the Dutch version of Psychologies by looking at the pictures and guessing the text. I gave up and people watched [...]

New York, My Heart Beats For You

March 26, 2017 // 0 Comments

I am in love. My heart belongs to a different place, in a faraway zone, a world unlike my own, a fuzzy dream, the kind of dream people have when they’re seventeen. An unfulfilled desire. A place so far off, I can’t make it out clearly, yet I know that I will travel there, the feeling a flickering candle in the warm space of my heart, a tiny bird fluttering in the air, in my mind. New York. My heart beats for you. “New York was no mere city. It was instead an infinitely romantic notion, the mysterious nexus of all love and money and power, the shining and perishable dream [...]