Green Tea From Korea

In the past, when I’ve attempted to withdraw from caffeine, the withdrawal headaches are so severe, I give up after a day or two of writhing about in agony. Nothing works. Except a mug of strong, sweet tea. The best way to beat a caffeine headache is to feed it caffeine.

The last time this happened, I decided I wouldn’t quit caffeine completely but I would cut down. Now, I alternate traditional tea with Osulloc green tea lattes, green flake lattes (green tea with brown rice crunchy bits) and traditional green teas from Korea.

Osulloc is a tea salon on one of Seoul’s busiest shopping streets which sells green tea everything. Mojitos, ice cream, green tea milk spread, cakes, lattes, soups, smoothies, cookies, chocolate and other green tea goodies. It is on my list of places to visit when I make it to Korea, a country that I have been eager to experience since summer 2016 when I discovered Korean fiction, dramas and movies.

I am struggling to comprehend the fact that Seoul, South Korea’s capital, has 17,000 cafes. Apparently, every street has at least five. There’s a Hello Kitty cafe, sheep cafe, selfie cafe, Lego cafe, even a poop cafe offering poop themed snacks and drinks because poop in South Korea symbolises fortune and luck.

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